around the house

New Lighting




Some new lighting, I should say. As, we aren’t finished. However, home improvement projects are afforded, well, according to just that, affordability. These iron and glass pendant-style lights happened to be reasonably priced and exactly what we were looking for. The smaller light hangs above our island in the kitchen. The larger, as can easily be seen in the photo, is mounted above the dining table. Now, we just need to find track lighting that we like for the kitchen…..

Master Bedroom Project Update


Master bedroom project update.  If you recall from my first post (below), we put in our new king-size bed set.  Well, the first thing we did was install a new reclaimed dock-board wall finish, that you can see in the photos, over the painted drywall that was there.  Further to this, my talented husband (who actually is the ‘we’ I refer to) designed and crafted a new headboard, footboard/bench unit and two two-shelf built in nightstands.  We (Larry) also installed new cage lights.  I am extremely happy with the results!

Master Bedroom Project

The master bedroom project is coming along.  We bought our very first matrimonial bed together.  And, a king-size one at that.  There is much work to do, but I am happy with our progress thus far.


Photo Wall in the Dining Room



New photo wall in the Dining Room is complete.  I used my favourite photos taken in NYC and London, UK, as well as prints of historic maps of both of those iconic cities.  It makes quite a dramatic, eye catching statement.  Now, if only we could finish all the renovations in this room (and the rest of the house).  Good things come to those who wait.  Right?  Oh, and, yes, that is a big blue cock, bottom, far-left.


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